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Director's Statement

When Eric Wolf first approached me about being involved in A DEADLY LEGEND, I felt an immediate connection to the script, as well as to him and his wife Kristen, who is also a producer of the film. They asked me to pitch them a scene from the screenplay. I immediately felt excited about this project and was so captivated by the story, that three days later I had drawn up a visual design of 26 scenes in painstaking detail. The story opened up as I started working on it, and felt the script was right in my creative wheelhouse.  My comfort, vision, and passion for the project came across to them as well apparently, as they invited me to direct my first feature film.


The film is a cross-genre as a supernatural horror adventure in a modern-day story.  The element of the family institution spoke to me most. The love, the loss, and secrets. Those family themes are familiar territory to any storyteller.  The story I wanted to highlight was that of loyalty and the protective nature of a close family. No matter how dreadful, or what outside influences threatened them, they would fight for each other.


Working with the cast was a thrill for me. They brought so much to the script and made this come alive. Their patience, professionalism, and collaboration was something I will always cherish. Not only their commitment to the craft, but their dedication to the project revealed results better than I could have ever hoped for, on the set and screen. 


I bow to all of the lovely, hardworking interns and to our production assistants, that worked on our film, and who are still out there making it happen every day. You are the blood that makes any production live. The sense of belonging, welcoming, and caring nurtured by the crew was is a big part of the process.  Every day I woke up on location at the lodge and was so grateful to be working with these industrious and creative collaborators. It was such a relief that we were all in this together and we brought our various perspectives to the table. Together, we will continue to thrive.

- Pam Moriarty

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