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“A Deadly Legend is one of this years best horror/camp movies that I’ve seen so far.


- Cherry Davis, CherryLosAngeles

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ADL 156 Matthias first notices Amy And K
Ladies of ADL.jpg



“I am giving the girl-power of 90 for being directed by a woman. All of the actresses played their roles perfectly.”


- Jennifer Matthies, Women In Horror

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"Director Pamela Moriarty and scriptwriter Wolf have put together a wildly implausible but genuinely amusing film.”

 - Jim Morazzini, Voices From the Balcony

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ADL 628 Luci is hit by Krissy.png




"A Deadly Legend is all about the scares and thrills and the viewer is better for it.”

 - Nemesis, The Comic Crusaders

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"While I laughed out loud a lot, there were some genuinely creepy parts and some nice jump scares…Kudos to writer Eric Wolf (who also plays a pretty major role in the movie) for coming up with inventive ways to kill people off.”


- Darren Shulman, The Convention Collectiive

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ADL 447 Mike glares 2.png
ADL 681 - Chain Witch raises her chains



“When too many horror movies seem like they’ve got no original notions at all, it’s good to see one that makes an effort on that score.”

 - Abbie Bernstein, AssignmentX

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On-air Interview: "Corbin Bernsen Talks About New Film 'A Deadly Legend'" 

JULY 6, 2020

By Sheryl Underwood, Carrie Ann Inaba, Sharon Osbourne, Eve and Marie Osmond

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